Hot & Fast Baby Back Ribs



  • Baby Back Ribs
  • Perfect for Pork Rub
  • Unsalted Butter
  • Your favorite mustard
  • BBQ Sauce
  • Natural Honey
  • Apple juice
  • Liquid butter (or alternative)



  • First remove the membrane from the bone side of your ribs. If you are struggling to remove this  you can use a spoon to get it started and a paper towel for grip.
  • Slather your ribs bone side first in your favorite mustard, I use maple bourbon honey mustard.
  • Apply a generous amount of rub, flip the ribs over and do the same to your meat side. 
  • Fire up the smoker to 280°F. When you come to temp, place your ribs with the meatier side toward the hotter side of your smoker.
  • Smoke for two hours giving them a good spritz of your 50/50 blend of liquid butter and apple juice every half hour. Make sure to be quick, we do not want to lose our heat.
  • Rip off two nice size sheets of foil and stack them, in the center of your foil place 4 squares of butter evenly spread out, a generous amount of brown sugar and one line of Natural Honey.
  • Place your ribs meat size down in the center of the foil and wrap nice and tight. This is the process that will break down your collagen and fats and make your ribs nice and tender.
  • Throw back on the smoker for 1 hour, at this point you should be around 195-200°F tender as can be.
  • Brush your sauce and toss back on the smoker until your BBQ sauce tacks up (5-10 mins) or until you have hit your desired tenderness. 
  • Time to EAT.




  • To check tenderness of your ribs you can either use your meat thermometer or if you do not have one lift your rack bone side down in the dead center of your rack about 6 inches of the grate and the edges of your rack should still be touching the grate with slight splitting on the meat side.
  • Adjust times give or take depending on desired tenderness of ribs. When I cook for the family, I prefer a rib that is very tender.
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  • Hello,
    I just placed an order for two of the seasonings and I am excited to see another person passionate about BBQ in the Valley. One suggestion I have is in your recipes give a wood recommendation since different woods have drastically different flavors and pairings that someone new to smoking might not be aware of.

    Anthony Liotta

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