Texas Style Beef Plate Ribs



  • Beef Plate Ribs
  • High Kaliber SPG
  • High Kaliber BLK
  • Yellow Mustard
  • Post Oak


  • Remove your beef ribs from their package.
  • Trim off any of the excess hard fat and silver skin from the top of the ribs.
  • Turn your rack over and score the bottom of the membrane in a checkerboard pattern, I like to keep the membrane on as it keeps the ribs from falling off the bone.. (you can remove it if you’d like)
  • Drizzle yellow mustard and rub all over the rack of ribs and generously apply SPG followed with BLK to all sides. 
  • Fire up the smoker to 275°F, When your pit comes to temp throw on the ribs bone side down.
  • Let them smoke for about 3-4  hours, at this point your meat should be pulling back quite a bit (1-2 inches)  and you should have a very solid bark formed. 
  • Right about now your beef should be “stalling” out and you should be sitting at 165-175 degrees internally. 
  • Time to wrap - Take your ribs off of the smoker and get them wrapped up in butcher paper and get them back on the smoker, bone side down, and re-probe with a thermometer making sure not to touch bone.
  • Run them wrapped at 275 degrees until they reach an internal of 200-205 degrees. 
  • Pull them and check for tenderness, at this point your thermometer should slide into all parts like butter. 
  • Let rest in a room temp cooler for at least one hour.


  • Always cook to temps, look and feel instead of times. Times are good baselines but will never be the same as there are so many variables in BBQ.
  • Post oak is my go-to wood for all things beef, it truly just gives you that texas BBQ taste.
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