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Whats's up, i'm the guy behind High Kaliber BBQ & Catering and High Kaliber Seasoning N' Sauces. My BBQ journey started with an unforgettable brisket that hooked me for life. I've spent years in the hospitality industry, running the kitchen and BBQ pits of our BBQ restaurant back in Northern California. Along the way, I've dabbled in BBQ competitions, like the Country Music Awards BBQ Throw down in Vegas, where I really learned the finesse involved in crafting the perfect BBQ.

Now, I'm on a mission, to shake up the Wisconsin BBQ scene with some Texas-inspired flavors. My goal? To introduce BBQ in a way Wisconsin has never seen, making every bite a testament to the years of passion and experience I bring to the table.

        - Dustin

CEO / Pit Master of High Kaliber BBQ & Catering
CEO / Founder of High Kaliber Seasoning N' Sauces


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